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    Missing .NET Patches

    ron_g Rookie

      I decided to run a Windows update using the Microsoft servers and noticed that all of the 2012 servers that I checked are missing .NET patches 2018-01 Security and Quality Rollup (4055266), 2018-02 Security and Quality Rollup (4076494), and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 (4033369).  Similar patches are missing on our 2008 servers. I normally scan for all security patches on all products so I decided to set Ivanti to scan for all security and non-security patches.  Using View -> Patch I see 2018-01 shows up as a non-security.  The other two do not show up in View -> Patch or in the list of missing patches after a completed scan.


      Should these be able to be pushed out by Ivanti or do I have something incorrectly configured?