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    MS14-053  Patch Not Applicable??

    dustinbcbs Rookie

      I recently started noticing that on a lot of my 2012 R2 servers,  show that Microsoft Patch MS14-053 is missing.   I went through a patch cycle thinking this would be taken care of but I look again this month and they are still showing as missing.  I download the patch manually to the server and start the install.  It fails with the error  "The update Is not applicable to your computer" 


      This is happening on multiple servers

      KB that is trying to install or says missing is kb2973114.


      I can't seem to find any prereq that is needed either.  Anyone ever seen anything like this?


      I am working with Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers Standard 9.3.0 Build 4510.


      I saw the latest xml had some updated detection logic for this patch, but even after downloading it is still showing as missing on multiple 2012 r2 servers.