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    Changing stored Credentials Password with powershell

    GDron Rookie

      I have a password manager that has a Rest API , we wanted to use the password rotate options. So I looked at your powershell module and I have a few questions around this.


      1) I see 2 cmdlets that I could use Add and Remove-STCredential


      What I wanted to do is remotely reset the stored credentials , I know I can store the password in secure text and add-STcredential with the new password but ,

           a) Add a credential is not the same as editting one. I don't want to remove the credentials as that might break associations to group that were made.

           b) In essence i wanted to backdoor into a current credentials that is setup as a default cred and assigned to groups and change the password without breaking anything etc.


      2) How can accomplish password change without much hassel ?