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    Can't see results of Agent patching task

    MashK Rookie

      I've created an agent policy which will patch a machine at a scheduled time. This part has worked. These are the messages from the machine.


      However what I don't get is why I can't see the results from my Shavlik console. I can see the results of machines I've patched and scanned manually.




      But I would expect to see the results of Agent installs as well. I have left the check-in time to 480 mins but I ran a check in request from the console to the machine.




      Now if I generate a report using the Reporting function I can see the patch report. So I know the Agent job worked and it reported back to the console.


      When I look at the machine in machine view, it is out of date however.  I can't see the patches I've just applied. It looks to be getting the information from the last time a scan was run on the machine manually.


      Q4074590 isn't showing here. Which is the February cumulative patch.


      I was under the impression a check-in to the console would fill in the results of the patching and show an Agent install and show the correct level of patching in machine view.


      Is this the case, or will it take time for the Agent install to propagate its results to the Ivanti Console?



      I can see that's scans have taken place if I create reports to query the database. But surely Agent installs should show up in the results Window? Or do I have to run some sort of scan afterwards?