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    failed to sign package: error was: 2147942405

    jrodgers Rookie

      Running Shavlik Patch 2.3.837.0.  After opening SCCM, I click on Shavlik Patch and it usually goes out and downloads the latest patches.  Now, I get a popup "Microsoft Config Mgt has stopped working"  Choices are Close the program or Debug the program.  When I choose Debug the Program (Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger), a pop appears Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger (An unhandled MS .NET Framework exception occurred in Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe [35302}).  I've tried Set the currently selected debugger as the default and Manually choose the debugging issues.  Both will close SCCM.


      When I launch the Configuration Checker, all pass except for :An update can be successfully published as "Company\Account_xxx   Failed to sign package; error was: 2147942405


      Has anyone seen this error before?  I saw one post with 214794203, which was an issue with content location.


      Thanks for any tips on fixing this issue.


      Jeff Rodgers