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    Installing patches fails on Windows10 machine

    cas6179 Rookie

      When scanning the machine it works and provides the number of patches needed. But when pushing the patches it fails saying Error on machine 'xxxx': Failed. When I go and look at the C:\WindowProPatches folder for log files the folder doesn't exist. Please help

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee



          Usually when we see an error like that and don't see anything written to the target, it's due to a lack of write permissions on the C:\Windows folder.  To clarify, the ProPatches folder doesn't exist, or the ProPatches\Logs folder?  Basically, you would want to check to see if the credentials you're using have permission to write there.  I would suspect you would find in your console logs something referencing "Access is denied" or something similar when that copying over is attempted.


          If you're unable to find the source of that issue, please feel free to open a support case and we'll be happy to help you dig into it.