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    With "Remove temp files" checked, tracker doesn't get updated that job is done

    kstieers Rookie

      I've been doing some test pushes of the IVA18-002 tool using 9.3.0 build 4510 and came across an issue.


      The tracker never gets the final updates, so it still says "Deployment opearation executing", even though the patch progress is executed.


      I think there's either a timing or order of operations issue..

      Dplyevts.log shows some successful updates as the files are pushed, job schedule, started, but it fails at the end.

      STdeploy.log shows the file clean up, which happens before the last update to track is supposed to be sent.

      (snips below)


      So is this a bug? (e.g. the order got changed?) or just a timing thing because its one small patch???








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