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    Slow patching of Windows Server 2016?

    Keschnei42 Rookie

      I realize this is probably more of a Microsoft issue, but has anyone else noticed dramatically slower deployment of patches to Server 2016 servers compared to 2008 R2/2012 R2?


      We are seeing patching take almost an hour to deploy when with older versions it was 10-15 minutes.  Windows update is disabled and turning off A/V results in no change.  It's similar to complaints found in the technet forums:


      what's with the really slow windows updates on 2016?



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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee

          Hello Keith,


          Thank you for your post. In my experience with the many 2016 servers I have in my lab, patching is considerably a bit slower than the rest of the OS's I patch which include the ones you've mentioned. A lot of this I feel has to do with the size of the updates that are put out. For example, this current month's full CU update is 1.17GB. Any patch that I have seen over 200MB can take an extended amount of time just for the sheer size of that patch. Now I have seen that when you can use the delta versions of those patches, it doesn't take quite as long, but is still going to be longer in general than other OS's.


          I would agree that this seems to be something with the OS and possibly also related to how Microsoft is packaging the updates. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else experiences this as well.


          Thank you.



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            tywebb Rookie

            We are also seeing slow patching on Windows Server 2016 and have been since we deployed it several months ago. For us an hour would be a short install time for a 2016 servers, we've been seeing 1 to 3 hours just for the CU. It happens whether deployed with Shavlik or through Windows update so i'm not sure this is a Shavlik issue. 


            When we first deployed 2016 I thought it was just us as I couldn't find any other people complaining of slow patch time.  I still think there must be something wrong with our server config or environment.  I feel like if everyone was experiencing these slow patches more people would be talking about it. For now we've just been adjusting our patch window to accommodate the long patch time.



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              ulaw_it_ios Rookie

              We are also seeing very slow Server 2016 patching. Putting several services at high risk. We are not alone!


              what's with the really slow windows updates on 2016?