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    Shavlik file KB4072698U.exe to remediate Meltdown/Spectre changes the registry keys?

    nthur Rookie

      We patched a hand ful of machines on Jan 7 with Shavlik/Ivanti and everything went well when we applied the Meltdown/Spectre patch. We pushed the reg key before hand so all that Shavlik did was run the executable. When we did the same thing in the rest of our dev environment now it is not working. We noticed 2 executables signed by Shavlik that what they look like they are doing is changing registry keys to a value of 3 which based on Microsoft's article is turning the patch OFF.


      The 2 file names are KB4072698U.exe and KB4072698.exe



      these 2 files are messing up the patch deployment, Shavlik seems to always execute KB4072698U and changing the registry key to 3