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    "Patch is not available for the language selected" when trying to install KB4056987 and KB4056898

    rwatkins Rookie

      I have had a head scratcher all day and hope you can help!




      I am currently deploying scheduled patches and am having no issues, however when trying to install the out of bank Spectre vulnerability fixes above, I get a language error message and the following when viewing the error:


      Zero patches are available and properly signed.

      No patches were deployed. Please review the program logs to determine the cause.

      Patch deployment canceled due to failure building deployment instructions.

      Error on machine 'XXXXXXX': Failed


      I've completed a refresh of files, checked the patches are downloaded, all looks good.  All other patches have installed ok.


      We are running McAfee Endpoint protection 10.5 which is a verified supported AV (anything above 10.2 is good). I added the registry key to one machine and retried and it patched fine.


      Can you advise as to what could be giving this issue?  DO I need to install the registry fix even though we are on supported AV?