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    Horizon Client for Windows

    pcastafero Rookie

      Does Ivanti no longer provide updates for Vmware Horizon client? I haven't seen a new one since 2016. Was hoping for a release to version 4.7 to patch the security vulnerabilities in the previous versions.

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          Currently we support version 2 and 3 of the VMware Horizon Client, as there were major changes to version 4 that impacted our detection of the product. Due to a recent customer request we have added VMware Horizon Client to our research backlog, and it will be added once we have verified we can provide accurate detection and prevent it from being offered to machines it should not apply to. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA currently on when that research and testing will be complete, but it is on our list. When it is added it will be listed in our updates for the Patch for SCCM catalog here: https://protectupdate.shavlik.com/