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    File Validation Error - Adobe Flash Security updates

    jalain Rookie

      I have an Adobe Flash security update patch, specifically:


      Adobe Flash 11
      Bulletin ID: APSB17-42

      KB: QAF2800126


      I have a machine that is identified has missing it based on a default security patch scan. When attempting to deploy, the patch files are verified as having been downloaded (via patching window), are copied to machine (verified), and the installation directory is properly populated with the batch file to get things going. The batch file never renames itself to .HIS though, and instead the entire directory is cleaned up. The resulting error message in the console is "File Validation Failed". Examining the logs client side, STDeployerCore.log reports "WinTrustVerifier.cpp:270 Certificate verification failed with error: -2146762748.".


      I've restarted all prerequisite services on this server, have done some root cert cleanup, and have attempted to redeploy and am receiving the same error message still.


      Just looking for thoughts on what else might be causing this.