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    Shavlik Protect Agent Restarting Remote Sessions

    menesesj2 Rookie

      Is there a way to customize the Shavlik Agent so that it does not force a restart when certain applications are running? I have several users who connect remotely to PCs and have jobs running overnight. When they come in hours after our agents patch, they discover that their PCs have rebooted and their jobs lost. I have spoken with support prior who state that a Shavlik will restart when a user session is not active.


      If there is a ability to integrate some scripting alongside these agents, that would be ideal.


      I am using Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 Build 5119

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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



          Thank you for your post. There is not an option to postpone reboots when there are applications running. Having applications running but no user actively logged on the machine, according to Windows, still means that there is an inactive session. When reboots are needed for patch deployment, our reboot engine will just query the OS for active sessions and we rely on Microsoft for an answer back as to the state of active sessions.


          Agents unfortunately don't support custom actions, therefore having custom scripts as part of deployments can't be included for agents. We would certainly encourage you to submit a feature request to see if we can change this for the future. How To: Submit a Feature Request


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