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    Unable to publish binaries after publishing Metadata only

    Hugues Rookie


      We currently have a problem with the release of some software which we have published the metadata only.


      Here is the situation:

      A member of our team published the metadata only of some applications to finally realize that he had made a mistake and that he needed the binaries as well.

      But unfortunately we are now unable to publish the binaries of these applications


      What we tried:


      • We have republished the applications without success. SCCM tells us that we only have Metadata.

      • We removed the products and republish with the binaries and SCCM still mentions that we only have the metadata.


      What we noticed:


      In the AutoPublish.log file, we noticed that all the applications, including the Metadata, only have been published and that we are trying to recover the binaries (republish), there are always 2 downloads that occur when we try to republish or following the erasure and the 2(download) are successful?

      We checked on the WSUS and the CAB files are there, but SCCM tells us that there is only Metadata in Software Update.


      Configuration information:


      Ivanti patch for SCCM: version 2.3 update 2

      Windows 2012 R2

      SCCM Curent Branch 1706


      Thank you for your help