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    Deployemnt Complete (not verified)?

    rmule Rookie



      I recently upgraded from Shavlik 9.3 to Ivanti 9.3. Everything is going well however after a patch deployment I received a "Complete (not verified)" status.

      The default credential I am using is a service account that has domain admin level access.


      Could someone point me in the right direction?




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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee



          The complete not verified status typically means that the machine itself does not have a credential assigned directly to it. To resolve this click view then machines. You can select one or more machines and then right click and choose machine properties. In the machine properties is a credential section. There you will set the administrator credential to use for the machine directly if on the domain your service account will work. If not you will need to use a local administrator account. After doing this you can right click and choose test deployment to run a non-invasive deployment test and verify that the machine is able to verify the complete status. If this fails you will want to open a support ticket to work on what is causing the problem in the environment. Below is a document link about the issue and the solution I have provided.


          Deployment Tracker Status - Unable to Verify or Complete (not verified)



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            rmule Rookie

            This was exactly it! I still had our old account there. Thank you Eric!