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    What is the consensus on how to deploy ivanti patch for sccm updates with regard to grouping updates.

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           I'm sorting ivanti patch for SCCM for the first time and am trying to figure out what the consensus / "best" practice is for setting up the deployments.  For windows updates, we essentially just do a deployment of - " if any of the updates required by these products - windows 7, windows 8, office 2010, office 2016, visual studio, silverlight, etc, etc are required, deploy them. "


      With Ivanti patch, I get the feeling that I should be doing this more like a separate deployment for each Product / major version so that as each product is eliminated from the network ( updated to a later version, replaced by another product), the deployment can be disabled/deleted)


      Is this how most people deploy using ivanti patch?



      one deployment for Adobe Acrobat XI - "Patch for SCCM - Adobe Acrobat XI updates"

      one deployment for Adobe Flash V27 - "Patch for SCCM - Adobe Flash V27 updates"

      one deployment for winzip 25 - "Patch for SCCM - winzip 25 updates"

      one deployment for winzip 24 - "Patch for SCCM - winzip 24 updates"

      one deployment for winzip 23 - "Patch for SCCM - winzip 23 updates"


      OR do people combine them into

      1. all of the products currently in use (similiar to how I described the way I do windows updates) - "Patch for SCCM - all updates")
        1. the disadvantage I see there is the addition of new products/versions on a regular basis and having to recreate the deployment each time to facilitate that.
      2. single deployment per product without separating major versions (winzip 23,24 and 25 for example) "Patch for SCCM - Winzip updates"
        1. we do occasionally get this (multiple versions with some of these type of products. 
      3. combine vendor products - one deployment for adobe flash products, adobe reader products, adobe acrobat products.   "Patch for SCCM - Adobe updates"