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    Shavlik and Machine Group frustrations

    jalain Rookie

      This post is related to Shavlik Patch for Windows / Shavlk Protect, version 9.4.


      When viewing a machine by using View - Machines, we've noticed that a few things happen:


      1) A machine will only show up in it's appropriate machine group if it has been scanned since it was added to that machine group.

      2) A machine that sits in multiple machine groups will only appear in the list once, and will only indicate it is part of the most recent machine group that was scanned.


      Combined, this means I have no reliable way to determine what machine groups (plural) a machine belongs to. I have to review each machine group. I said to my coworker I must be missing something, this can't possibly by the primary search mechanism as this by itself is unreliable and provides no way of determining what groups a machine is in. Having to scan a machine in order for it to be shown in the results is also very odd. If I'm using this tool as my patch/inventory management tool I need to know where my machines are sitting in real-time, regardless of scans run.


      So... before I go any further, do I have this right and if so, is everyone just 'dealing' with this?




      Do I have this wrong and there are in fact other ways of searching your machines for machine group information?