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    Scheduled automatic downloads Twice + Exclude some SP in scan

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      I implement rings for patching and has to disable automatic updates and create a scheduled automatic download task in the Options to update the definitions and download the patchs using the Predictive patch downloads feature. I would like to run the Scheduled automatic downloads task more than one (i.e. first and thirt monday of the month) but I could only create one schedule for the task, If I click on the add button to create a schedule it replace the schedule of the active task. For now I have to use the Microsoft scheduler and create multiple trigger of the tasks. I was wondering if there is Qan easier solution to do it.


      Secondly I would like to exclude some Services Packs in the scan. I can see the Service Pack 1709 for Windows 10 missing but I don't want to install it now, is there any way to exclude it from the scan like a patch ?


      Thanks in advance for any help


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