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    How to export patches deployed in specific timeframe ?

    alexwu Rookie

      Hi all,


      So the task is this : i need to export all patches installed by Shavlik on server X in a specific time frame (for ex : 1July - 1Dec) . Sounds easy but i can.t have the report that i want . Tried all custom reports /Condensed Patch Listing / advanced filters....but i don.t get the result i need.


      Of course i could use things like :

      wmic qfe list full /format:htable > hotfixes.htm  or get-hotfix  - but this doesn.t report updates for office/exchange etc and i deployed with Shavlik a lot of updates for different applications.


      Or i could just go to Control Pannel and manually get the installed updates but there are not present updates for Vmtools/Firefox / etc that i normally did with shavlik.


      So my only hope is that Shavlik can acutally do a report like this, it sounds super easy should definitelly be available.


      Thus, can it be done ?


      Anothing thing : i could just view in the Results tab in shavlik and manually check previous deployments...but the problem is that i can only see them from the last  month. Any way to see the previous deployments from the last 6 months ?


      Super urgent help needed here, i.m in the middle of an audit and need this to be done.


      Thanks in advance.







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          ddenning SupportEmployee



          Thank you for posting your questions.


          First, most likely the reason that you can only see results back to a month is because you have your database set to automatically delete results older than 30 days in Tools > Operations (or Options) > Database Maintenance.


          The best way to pull out custom information like what you are looking for is to use this Report Views Guide  to generate custom reports using SQL as we try to provide useful reports through our GUI, but many customers need more advanced filtering then what we can provide.


          Also for any reports that you think we should add, please submit a feature request here https://ivantisecurity.uservoice.com/  and we can look at adding it in a future version.