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    Published Updates Fail To Install On Client

    PaulKlerkx Rookie


           I am trying to get ivanti patch for sccm sorted for the first time.  (Been a busy year and need to have it working to justify renewing for next year...)


      I have a couple of issues. 


      1. I am getting error  0x800B0109 when trying to deploy adobe Flash via SCCM I have tried with a self signed cert and imported the cert into the machine stores for Trusted Publishers and Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the target machine.  i have now switched to a internal CA cert and am getting the same error.
      2. When I try to publish as the service account we have configured, it fails with the following message - "Scheduling as the specified user failed.  Please verify the account credentials.  The account must have the right to 'Log on as a batch job' ".  I have verified that the service account definitely does have "log on as a batch job". 



      The configuration checker is all green (except licensing nearly expired).  I have chosen the adobe flash updates as our first test.  I have also retried this with the adobe reader updates so the issue isn't with the chosen updates. 


      I notice in the configuration checker that even though I have entered the service account at the top, the third last check shows my logged in account as the one used to check the ability to publish.  Not sure if that is relevant. 



      this is the "log on as a batch job error. 


      prior to this, I logged into the server with the service account so a profile has been created. (and creds are the same - verified by trying three times - definitely no error entering password) 


      Our WSUS is on the same server as SCCM and Ivanti Patch. 

      I have verified that the target computer has this registry key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AcceptTrustedPublisherCerts set to 1

      My choices when configuring are shown below. 



      EDIT: - I just found this page - How to troubleshoot app package signature errors (Windows)  which may assist with the first issue, I'll take a look tomorrow. 

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