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    .Net Patch taking forever to install

    AdamWolf77 Rookie

      This morning I had two servers reboot during work hours despite being scanned and deployed to at four AM.  It looks like both were stuck on a patch called "NDP471-KB4033342-x86-x64-AIIOS-ENU.exe returned 3010".  Both servers took over two hours to process this patch.  We had at least one other server run the same patch in a few minutes.  Is this something anyone else has experienced?  Is there a way to figure out what happened or suggestion for preventing this from happening again? 

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          No known issues with this specific patch that I can see.  That being said, .Net patches are notorious for taking a long time to install depending on what is installed on it and what is running on it at the time.

          Allowing Windows Update to check for patches and install them will cause major deployment delays.  You should make sure Windows Update is set to never check for updates. Best Practice: Windows Automatic Updates

          We could take a look at the target side logs from C:\Windows\ProPatches\Logs.  Through these, we can verify the install took a long time or if the update to the console was slow for any reason.