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    The Elusive Suspend Bitlocker run Firmware update with Custom Auction


      I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to run a script to suspend bitlocker and then run a msi. I'm trying to remotely update surface book firmware with a bat or vbs or any other script combo. I have figured out how to get Ivanti to push the script and msi to the surface book or laptop but I can't get the script to run to suspend bitlocker before I try to run the msi.


      Question 1. What type of (Script/What should I put in it) should I be using and how should I put it into Ivanti to run and is their anything I need to configure for it to run with administrator rights on the target machine ?


      Question 2. I have put the MSI in the Custom Auction but is their anything that I need to put in the run line like msi.exec ?


      Question 3. If Ivanti Shavlik can't do this is their a product or way that can ?