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    Scanning recommendations

    lynettemoley Rookie


      I currently have servers manually added into multiple machine groups for scanning & patching purposes.  I'd like ensure that all servers on the domain/network are included in these - or identify any that are missing.  Does anyone have any recommendations/experience of using a domain name/IP address based scan to do this?


      Thanks in advance.


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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          For me, the best way to identify all of the possible machines out there is to scan by IP Ranges, all possible ranges for your network.  You can add the multiple ranges in a new Machine Group and supply admin credentials valid for your machines.  The scan will show you which machines are scanned, and which machines are on your network that can't be scanned and why it can't be scanned. It could identify which machines are not being scanned or discover rogue machines, this will at least give you a list of machines to work off of.




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            lynettemoley Rookie


            that sounds just what I'm looking for, thanks very much for replying.