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    Questions re: 3rd party updates

    jalain Rookie

      Hi folks,


      For 3rd party updates such as Adobe Flash etc, is Ivanti/Shavlik actually downloading the updates into the repository? We're using Shavlik Protect 9.3. When deploying recently, I was presented with a red notice on the deployment screen indicating if I didn't manually download the following patches outside of the patching environment, they wouldn't be installed.


      Adobe Flash 27: APSB17-28 QAF2700130 - install_flash_player_2700130_ax.exe

      Adobe Flash Player Plugin 27: APSB17-28 QNFP2700130 - install_flash_player_2700130_plugin.exe


      When I take a look in the patching viewer, I can see that APSB17-28 has been replaced by APSB17-31. But when I search on 31, it isn't a downloaded patch. I do however seem to have versions later than that.


      So I guess my question is, it appears that certain Adobe updates are being made available and downloaded by Ivanti, but others aren't. Are folks manually downloading the adobe updates into the repository and pushing from there? If so, where are you getting them from? I spent some time today and couldn't find the exact executables the red notice was referring to.


      Thanks in advance,

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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



          Thank you for posting your concern. Whenever you download a patch for any of the supported vendors in our catalog, the download is coming directly from the vendor site/download location that they specified.


          When specifically looking at Adobe patches, and more specifically Adobe Flash, these updates come from a single download URL. That means that every month when a new update is released, the previous version is no longer publicly downloadable. When this happens, we mark the previous patch with a Not downloadable flag. Because of that flag, it will no longer be able to be downloaded through Shavlik/Ivanti and would need to be obtained elsewhere if the patch is still needed. If you're able to find the updates, then you can use the documentation below to make the patch(es) available for deployment.


          How To: Supply and Deploy Patches That Can Not Be Downloaded


          Now keep in mind, not all updates from Adobe and other vendors are like this. Most vendors will give their downloads a specific URL to download from and as long as they keep the update in the same location and not pull it, the update would be able to be downloaded through Shavlik/Ivanti.


          As for the message about updates not being available unless downloaded outside of our product, the documentation below goes over that message and its meaning.


          The following patches will only deploy if you've acquired them outside of Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers


          Thank you,



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            jalain Rookie

            Hey Anthony, thanks a lot for the reply. Makes sense, that helps a lot.