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    Start-PatchDeploy on a single machine

    Pascal.Verdieu Rookie

      Hi All


      I've looked at the API guide https://help.ivanti.com/sh/help/en_US/PWS/93/qsg-pws-9-3-api.pdf.


      I'm trying to scan multiple machines once, then do the actual deployment 1 at a time.  The base idea is patching a cluster (all nodes must be at the same level of patches).  I scan once to the the patches missing then do the actual deployment one at a time.  I can do the patchscan once using the script but can't figure out the way to separate the actual PatchDeploy.  Has anybody figured out a way, besides doing them one at a time?  Tkx!!


      #Here I can do the scan on multiple Servers

           $TargetServers = SERVER1,SERVER2

          $myScan = Start-PatchScan -TemplateName $ScanTemplateName -EndpointNames $TargetServers

          $myScan | Wait-PatchScan



      #If I do this it will start deploying the patch on all those servers at the same time, which I don't want

          $deploy = $myScan | Start-PatchDeploy -TemplateName $DeployTemplateName

          $deploy | Watch-PatchDeploy | Format-Table