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    question on transitioning from using just WSUS to Shavlik


      I'm wondering if anyone has been in this situation before as well.  I have to imagine that yes, this would be the case.  In the network environment I'm working in now, there is a pre-existing WSUS deployment; wsus server setup, windows updates on the clients set to pull updates from wsus, group policies pushing all necessary settings for clients to participate correctly in network to get updates. 


      We now have purchased Ivanti's Patch for Windows - I still call it Shavlik.  I've setup new test users and computer accounts to test the new GPOs crafted to follow the best practice guidelines from Ivanti for client management - Best Practice: Windows Automatic Updates  - and all works as planned. 


      My question essentially is this.  Do I simply plan for a particular time when I just disable the current GPO for WSUS, enable the new GPO and then deploy the agents to my laptop fleet? 





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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee



          What you described sounds similar to others who have done the same thing. I tend to suggest that we start with a  small test group on their own GPO to make sure that any patching/reporting issues are resolved before moving to all the laptops. Then after the issues that may pop up are worked out I would roll out to the rest of the environment. If transitioning the local stand alone machines also I like to deploy the same fashion where we work with a  small group to work any possible issues out then move to production. My hope is that in doing this the transition is smoother and create less of an issue with patching the end user interruptions.




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            Thanks Eric.  You are confirming my hunch on how to approach this transition.  I'll utilize my new "test" security groups and GPOs exactly for this purpose to uncover any issues with the process before rolling out to the user base.  Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

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