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    Does the "machines not scanned" report list machines with the agent installed, that weren't scanned?

    Radiowiz Rookie

      We are trying to run a report that shows all local machines not scanned. (Cloud PC's would be nice also, but not sure that is possible?) We use installed agents on our corporate PC's as opposed to agentless. When I run the machines not scanned report, it lists machines from a console based scan attempt I ran a month or more back. I intentionally turned off 3 machine yesterday prior to scheduled scanning to ensure they would not be scanned by policy and should appear on the report. However, they are not there. On the console I can see that they did not check in last night. Also, in an attempt to prove a theory, I re-ran a console scan to 4 machines this morning, knowing remote reg, etc. were not enabled. Instead of failing as it should, it just keeps grinding along forever, at the "Scanning for patches" phase of the operation. Three other machines I console scanned, which should have failed say "Complete" but notes say "could not update database with new definitions."


      Can anyone tell me what exactly the "Machines not scanned" report encompasses, and what I can expect from it when using agent based scanning and patching? CIO wants valid data. Can't seem to provide it.


      Thanks to anyone who might have answers.