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    Publishing an app using a different account

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      New user for SCCM Patch, and trying to evaluate this product.


      I am trying to publish an app using a different account (service account).

      Now I am using this same service account as the proxy account and that verifies OK.

      So when I goto publish an app, and select a different account to use, it always seems to fail to publish.


      The usual error I get in the autopublish.log is:


      Checking for program update

      Error Checking for program update     <------

      Exception: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException A task was canceled.

      Operation starting

      File download starting: engines.manifest.xml

      Manifest synchronization error. Code=1, message=Unable to connect to the remote server: https://content.ivanti.com/data/Patch/v2/23/manifest/engines.manifest.xml         <---------

      Manifest synchronization error. Code=1, message=Failed to download 1 file(s).


      This service account is part of "WSUS Administrators" group and is the proxy account I use for SCCM downloads.


      If I use the logged on user, then all works fine.


      While I am at this topic, what problems will I encounter in the future, if I just use the logged on user to publish the app? I realise the logged on user will have to change the password in the future, but how does this impact the operation of Ivanti Patch?