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    Export list of machines in schedules?

    jwood8 Rookie

      Hi everyone!


      Is there a way to export a list of all the machines that exist in schedules, preferably with the schedule they are in? My end goal would be a csv file along the lines of:


      SERVER01, FileServersGroup, Every Friday at 21.00

      SERVER02, WebServersGroup, Every Wednesday at 20.00




      I guess that as the schedules are linked to the groups, it might not be possible to put those - but at the very least it would be good to enumerate the groups and machines.


      The reason I want to do this is because I have a script to pull out all the virtual machines from vCentre - I want to use Powershell to compare the two lists and report any machines which aren't in the patch schedules. I also need to report on schedules for audit purposes.


      Any ideas anyone?