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    Microsoft Rollup Patches


      Hi All,


      I have a simple question on how Shavlik/Ivanti handles Microsoft Rollup patches


      A network scan has reported that one of our machines is missing the March security Rollup and missing in general from patching.


      In this case when included in patching will Shavlik deploy all  missing Rollups March, April, May etc, or with them being cumulative only the August Rollup.



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          ddenning SupportEmployee



          Thank you for posting your question.


          This document deals with how Microsoft's new patching system works as of October Microsoft Patching Changes Starting In October 2016


          To answer your question, it depends if you are patching only security patches or non-security as well because the Security Only updates are not cumulative, but the Monthly Rollups (which are non-security) are cumulative. So if you are doing security, you would need to install March, April, May, June, July, August separately, but if you are doing non-security, you could use the monthly rollup for August to install all security and non-security patches through August.