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    Ivanti patch for windows servers -Full Asset Scan

    srs_nic Rookie

      Trying to run Asset scan on pc, it appears to run, however I cannot get a report. It will only show current scan...which is a summery of all systems.  I need Individual software listing for each machine.  I use to be able to do this.

      Any suggestions?

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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee

          In the create report window instead of unchecking view current status and then selecting the specific scan you want to report on you will need to do the following.

          Check the box next to "Use Advanced Filter"

          Click the "Select Advanced Filters" button

          Under the scans folder check the boxes next to the scan you wish to use.

          Click "Generate Report"


          Using this method you can also choose the machines folder and using the Domains or machines names sub options to select specific machines to report on based on their last asset scan data.

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