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    Scheduled Report

    makamajo Rookie


      Can anyone help schedule schedule scanning every day on detailed summary of how many patches are missing.
      I have done the following tools - scheduled report-
      Name it to: scan every day
      Select a report: Detailed Summary
      Format: PDF

      Machine targets: selected in all groups I have
      Schedule: All days at 06:00

      Email: myself.

      Mail arrives at 06:00 every day, but the list does not correspond to missing patches. (Like when I scan all groups manually)

      The scheduled scan runs very fast, so it can not scan through approximately 200 servers?

      Anyone who knows what I'm doing wrong?



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          For the scan speed, what do the results say in Results?  Did it scan all 200 servers?


          When comparing the report with the UI. Are you looking at View > Machines or the actual scan results in Results?




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            makamajo Rookie

            Hello again!
            It scans all the machines correctly, but missing patches, does not show correctly, so I start thinking that it scans with any other scan template than the one I set as default?
            Could it be that? And how do you get it?
            My default scan template is only set for critical patches and that's the result I want in the scheduled scan.
            It is possible?

            / Maria

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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              You can edit the scheduled scan and change the Scan Template being used.  Navigate to Managed > Scheduled Console Tasks.  Highlight the job and choose edit and change the Scan Template if needed.  Results from this scan will be used in the report assuming you are scanning the machine included in your scheduled report.


              On the reporting side, setting a job in Tools > Schedule Report is different than a scan. This report will be based on the latest scan results for the machines included in the Machine Targets.




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                makamajo Rookie

                Thank you, as usual, helpful