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    Scanning while logged in remotely takes significantly longer

    danpalewis Rookie



      Sorry for the semi-vague subject. I kept trying to think of better ways to put it. While I am located in the US, we have a site that I have to support in China. Of course the connection isn't the greatest, however I didn't think that would matter. As I am remoting into their Shavlik machine from here, running a scan on their 44 or so computers can take a significant amount of time to scan. Now, to me this doesn't make sense as while I am connected remotely, the processes are being done locally on their server. All the remote console is doing is showing me what is happening.


      For some reason when I run a scan, it can take upwards of an hour to search, scan, and identify all 44 computers. If my technician locally onsite remotes into the same server and runs the same scan, he says it takes 5-10 minutes to scan 44 computers.


      Does anyone have any ideas on how this would possible?