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    VMware Tags in Shavlik Protect


      Hi Everyone,

      I have created some tags in VMWare for my VMs to describe their patching priority and groups.

      I could not find anywhere in Shavlik Protect that would allow me to use tags to target VMs for patching, so I am writing out a list of vms by tag (via powerCli) out to a file- and using this as the 'link to file' in my jobs


      I have questions;

      1. can someone confirm that I am not missing something- tags cannot be used in Shavlik?

      2. It appears that I cannot issue a pre-patch snaphot using a linked file  - as it appears that for this to happen I need to add hosts or individual VMs via the "Hosted Virtual Machines" tab- (and with over 600 vms this is unworkable)- does any one know a way around this?

      3. How do other people arrange their VMs - I guess everyone has to test patches in dev and then roll out to production- how to others automate this -especially with larger number of VMs





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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          1. Protect doesn't use tags to identify hosted VMs.
          2. You must add VMs through the Hosted tab in order to treat them like hosted VMs.  Only hosted VMs can have snapshots.
          3. In Patch for Windows Server 9.3 (aka Protect 9.3), you can search entire VM Hosted for keywords.  This would be helpful if you used a naming convention for you could search for an add these VMs through the Hosted tab to a Machine Group.  There is no method to dynamically or automatically add or remove hosted machines from a machine group.  I'm sure other admins have made a Machine Group for their 'test' machines and use it before the product scan/deployments.


          Let me know if you have any questions.