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    Console Scheduler Credential problem

    dharmatma Rookie

      Hello. We are using Shavlik 9.3x. We have moved away from logging in as "administrator" to conduct any kind of network or server maintenance. So on my Protect Server, I log in using my personalized Administrator credential. I can get into Protect and run individual scans/deploy patches just fine, using an aligned personalized Shavlik admin credential. (BTW, should the Protect credential match the Protect server login exactly in username & password?)


      I have a bunch of scans set up in the Console Scheduler, under the original "Administrator" login. So I see them when logged in as dkkadmin.

      I am unable to set a credential in the Console when logged in as dkkadmin. By extension, when I try to modify a scheduled scan or create one, I  am asked to enter a shared credential.. Well the credential I created (dkkadmin) was indeed shared. I still can't get it to allow me to modify or set a scheduled scan. If I set dkkadmin as a default credential and still get "The Selected Console Scheduler Credentials Does Not Match The Current User's Account. Please Enter A Shared Credential Matching The Current Account."

      What am I missing? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.