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    Shavlik Protect scanning suddenly very slow


      Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 Build 5119

      Scanning is suddenly taking forever to complete.


      The Protect server returns quickly, and a couple other PCs return soon after (nobody logged onto them).

      The other 25 PCs took 2.5 hours.  Last week, this scan would take only minutes.


      Anybody seeing this?

      How to debug it?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Any idea what changed in your environment since last week?  Changes in AV or security?  Hardware changes for routers, WAN Accelerators?


          97% of the time, slow scan times will be attributed to the network speed and latency between the Protect server and target machines.  Are these located over a WAN?  Perform a ping -t against of these machines while it's being scanned, what is the MS latency?


          There's an outside chance your database could be the culprit.  Database Maintenance - Purging or Cleaning Up a Large Database


          From the Support side of things, we would need a full set of logs during one of these scans to see what is happening.




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            This setup is simply on a LAN (Windows domain).  I'm posting here because there haven't been any changes I know of to the environment. I will try DB maintenance.  What logs to collect?


            The only thing would be May updates for Windows 10.  (Anniversary update?)  But, then you should be hearing from others like me.


            p.s. Right now (11:40am) there is a scan still running since 9:45am with only 17 of 23 machines complete.



            thank you

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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              The thing is, the scan is actually running so we need to determine what could be causing it to run slowly.  We make thousands of connections to each machine to scan the registry and file versions so any delay will cause the scan to take longer.  We see cases on slow scans from time to time, but nearly all of them turn out to be environmental, even a reboot of the Protect server has corrected issues in the past.


              Wow, that is crazy slow.  For logging, it would be best to wait until the current scan is complete to prevent cross-talk in the logs between the scans.  For the test:  It would be best if you could reproduce the issue on 1 machine, much easier to read the logs since the scans are multi-threaded.


              1. Close Protect and stop the Shavlik Protect Console service.
              2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs and delete all the logs.
              3. Start the service again and open Protect.
              4. Reproduce the issue, hopefully scanning 1 machine.
              5. Collect the logs and zip them.


              I would suggest opening a case with support and attach the time to it, referencing this thread would be a good idea too.