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    45 day wait period


      With regard to the 45 day wait period, we have off-site agents and conference room Laptops that went beyond the 45 day period.  We understand the seats are freed for use by other deployments BUT does the agent auto-uninstall itself if it goes beyond the 45 days when it "reconnects" or checks back in?


      I understand if we click UNINSTALL AGENT or DELETE the machine in the console, then the next time it checks in it will remove the agent via the uninstall process.  BUT, we've noticed machine uninstalling the agent WITHOUT DELETING or selecting UNINSTALL AGENT within the console and we DO NOT WANT this to occur because then if the machine comes back online we have NO way to patch it.


      Ideally, this 45 days setting should be left to customers because there are instances where machines MIGHT NOT be online within a 45 day period but we need the agent to stay installed so that when it does come back online the patching can be done via the Cloud agent.  Let customers worry about seat count..


      anyone ever see this scenario where machines brought online after 45 days have the agent automatically removed without specifically DELETING the machine from the console or selecting UNINSTALL AGENT from the console?


      Just curious.

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          Thank you for posting your question.


          What you are seeing is expected behavior as the agent is supposed to uninstall after not checking in for 45 days. That is the purpose of the cloud to allow agents to check-in when they are not connected to the console's network. We always love to get customer input as to how we can make our product better however, and we would love for you to submit a feature request here Shavlik Feature Request Form for any improvements that you think we should make.





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            OK.  In a previous ticket I was told we would have to either DELETE  the machine or select UNINSTALL AGENT from within the console on any given machine to have the agent automatically uninstall. 


            So you are saying even without doing this action in the console, IF a machines goes beyond 45 days the agent will be automatically uninstalled next check-in?  If so, that's NOT good because then we have to recall laptops and reinstall the agent.  We've got dr site laptops, conference room laptops and so on that may actually be off for more than 45 days but still considered active so we need this agent to remain in place.


            I was under the impression from a KB I found that the agent would remain but the license would be freed and then IF it were to come back online it would simply take another seat license when deployment was done.  That's really how it should be designed and seat count should be left to customers to decide.  It should also be a configurable number for the environment.