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    New API (PowerShell) - will remoting be supported?

    AlliantEnergy-NJK Rookie

      Our "Patch for Windows Server" administrator will be upgrading to 9.3 in a few weeks.  I am excited about the new PowerShell functionality and have been reviewing the online documentation for it.  One of the requirements I noticed it that it needs to be run on machine hosting the management console.  Will I be able to use PowerShell remoting instead from my machine to the management console?  For example, could I do "enter-pssession -computername "shavlikserver"" and then load the modules and run the commands that way?  Or will that require pass-through authentication to be enabled using CredSSP?  For example "Enable-WSManCredSSP –Role Client –DelegateComputer RemoteServerName"?  Or will that not even work?