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    Remove Propatches Ivanti 9.3


      How to create a custom action to remove the propatches directory including the stopping the scheduler service. Currently, we just upgraded to Ivanti Patch 9.3 and have been using Shavlik aka Ivanti for many  years. The existing propatches directory has older schedulers and jobs for years and I want to clean them up. We do not need the history on them.  I found a "like" article but appears to be incomplete on the actual tasks..

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          This document is close to what you are looking for:  How To: Delete Patches from Target Machines Using a Custom Action

          The only changes needed are in the Custom Actions tab in the Deployment Template..


          To remove the Scheduler:

          "%PathtoFixes%..\..\Scheduler\stschedex.exe" /remove


          To remove the contents of the ProPatches folder: (It cannot remove the logs or the installation folder for the Customer Action deployment)

          if exist "%PathtoFixes%..\..\..\ProPatches" (RD /Q /S "%PathtoFixes%..\..\..\ProPatches")


          It will look like this: (order is important)


          This will uninstall the Shavlik Scheduler, remove all of the files and folders from the ProPatches folder excluding the Log and Installation folder.


          Please test this before using on all of your targets.