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    Scans and Deployments using Powershell and Scheduled Tasks

    ryany Rookie

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to work around an issue with scheduled console tasks (i've already got a ticket open with Ivanti) and using 9.3's new fangled powershell API.


      I've got a script that works when run as admin, and the scan shows it was initiated by my account which is good. But if I make it a scheduled task and run it with the highest privileges using my service account (which is also admin), I get an "Incorrect function (0x80070001) error reported by Task Scheduler I suspect this having to do with permissions.


      I've tried using my account and the service account for the scheduled task and both have the same issue, with "run with highest privileges" selected.


      Is there a way to run a powershell script to control shavlik through scheduled tasks?