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    error accessing the WSUS certificate - unable to connect via 80, 443, 8530 or 8531?


      Hi All,


      I wonder if someone can help shed any light on this issue?


      The Shavlik for SCCM is installed on the SCCM Server that also "appears" to be acting as the upstream WSUS and then there is the downstream WSUS - this is all a bit new to me BTW...  (feel free to consider this a real N00b question)


      There is a root CA in the Customers environment, and checked this appears to be working - However I have also discovered a self-signed Cert for the WSUS Server and it appears that the "Consultant" that helped them set this up just didn't check or ask about Certs and simply created a self-signed Cert when installed...?? So the whole issue of Certs could be a bit of an issue getting it resolved?


      I have tried using the Configuration Checker against both the SCCM and the WSUS server using ports 80. 443, 8530 & 8531 and this has all failed as per the previous screenshot - what I do find curious is that in checking both of these servers I was expecting to find a web site called something like "WSUS Administration" that would confirm that I was checking the right place and then be able to check the binding details to confirm that I was pointing at the right server - but so far this is not showing in either server.


      Just coming back to this with some other thoughts relating to the actual error in the “Ivanti Patch for SCCM Configuration Checker”

      • Where can I find the logs in WSUS related to this error?
      • Reading again in isolation this appears to indicate that the Cert is there – but we don’t have the right level of access/permissions?

      (attached screen grab)


      Can anyone confirm how I can troubleshoot this further to get this comms issue resolved?

      I can't help but think I've done something really stupid here?


      Thanks in advance