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    Recently updated SCCM.. Ivanti Patch no longer working



      We recently upgraded SCCM to the latest version, 5.0.8491.1000; Console version 5.00.8498.1700.  I updated Shavlik/Ivanti patch to version 2.3.960.0 once I started to see issues with the software, which didnt help.


      I am able to verify my old settings are still showing but I am having multiple issues.


      1) I am unable to schedule Patch to automatically publish updates via my filter.  It gives me an error when I save:

      Unhandled exception has occurred in your application....  The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT:0x80070002).

      The Scheduled task is not saved and I get 2 options, one to continue and ignore the issue(which doesnt save) the other to quit the entire program.

      2) I am unable to manually download some updates without"The file digest does not match the digest in the update metadata" error. Tried for 2 Google Chrome items.

      The AutoPublish log file shows the same issue for those same update after 95% download.  The files are being downloaded to my ShavlikUpdates folder.



      For the upgrade of SCCM we upgraded Windows to version to Server 2016 / SQL 2016

      I am starting SCCM by running as an admin.

      • While going through the settings, the WSUS Server settings are correct and the Test Connection button shows successful. The Certificate is still good for a few years.
      • License shows still valid for another 1.5 years.
      • Unable to schedule as above
      • The configuration checker passes all items


      Can someone let me know what I should be doing to either re-install or what is needed to continue to use this product?


      Thank you