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    I published the latest Java 8 131 to our SCCM server last week.  Something wiped out our UpdateServicePackages folder and content.  I try to republish the update, the content does not appear in the UpdateServicePackage folder and I cannot download it.

    jrodgers Rookie

      I recently published Java 8 131 (32/64) to our SCCM 2012 server.  Something wiped out the content of our WSUS folder (WSUSCONTENT and UPDATESERVICEPACKAGES).  When I try to download the Java patches, it says it can't find the content.  When I look at the Content Information tab on the properties of the patches in All Software Updates, the source path is looking for a subfolder in the Wsuscontent folder that was wiped out.


      I've tried republishing both Java patches  but that doesn't change the content information and the patches cannot be downloaded and deployed.


      Is there a document with the steps to successfully republish patches so they can be downloaded and deployed?


      Appreciate any help or guidance with this issue.