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    Limit patch to specific OU's


      With Ivanti Patch for SSCM 2.3

      How do you limit the distribution of patches to specific users or workstations ?

      Is it possible?

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          rgsteele Apprentice

          Ivanti Patch adds the patches you publish to the WSUS database used by your SCCM server. Any client which is configured to receive Software Updates from SCCM will be evaluated for the applicability of these updates. However, you can choose which collections to deploy the Ivanti Patch updates to, just like you choose which collections to deploy the Microsoft updates to. This process is documented at Microsoft's site here: Deploy software updates | Microsoft Docs. Note that you cannot deploy Software Updates to a User collection, only a Device collection.


          As an example, if you wanted to create an Automatic Deployment Rule that deployed all the published Ivanti Patch updates to a specific Device collection, you could specify a "Vendor" property filter on the "Software Updates" step of the Create Automatic Deployment Rule Wizard, selecting every vendor in the list except for Microsoft. Note that you would need to update this ADR if you later started publishing updates from a new vendor.


          If you already have an ADR and you want to prevent it from publishing the Ivanti Patch updates, add the "Vendor" property filter to the ADR and only select "Microsoft" from the list.

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