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    Shavlik Protect agent random patches fail to install




      We are on the latest version of Shavlik 9.x and use the Protect Agent on our company Laptops that are not on our networked 24/7.  We have run into situations were random patches will not install where you get an Error - Failed to install MS16-099. Error"(1, 17025)".  This happens on random Windows 10 operating system and Office 2016 patches.  Any ideas why some of these patches will not install?  (See Photo Below)



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Error 17025 indicates the patch is already installed. 


          My educated guess would be Office on this target machine is corrupt. Maybe a mismatch in SP and file version levels installed on the machine, this happens a lot and causes detection issues in our scan engine.  I would do one of the following 1) Repair Office  2) Install the latest SP for Office if it's not installed.

          Bad detection logic could cause the issue, but you are seeing the issue too much for this to be the case.

          It's possible the patches require a reboot and these machines haven't been rebooted.  I doubt this is the issue though.


          If the repair or SP install fails to fix the issue, this type of issue will require logs, I would highly suggest opening a support ticket.

          To save time you can attach all of the logs from the target agent machine:  C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs (please zip)

          Also attach the screenshot and\or refer to this thread.