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    Adobe Flash Player will not publish


      Is anyone else having issues publishing Flash? We edit and add a custom script publish and sync but it never actually publishes. We tried to publish the AIR patch and it worked fine and we tested the connection with WSUS and it was successful but all three browser versions of Flash Player fail. Below is part of the log file. Thanks in advance for your help.




      The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. $$<AutoPublish><04-12-2017 13:28:42.050+300><thread=10 (0xa)>

      Error Publishing 'Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer (Custom)' : Error downloading and/or verifying installers $$<AutoPublish><04-12-2017 13:28:42.063+300><thread=10 (0xa)>

      Failed to publish 'Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer (Custom)' en revision 0 $$<AutoPublish><04-12-2017 13:28:42.113+300><thread=10 (0xa)>

      Publishing complete.  0 of 1 updates were successfully published. $$<AutoPublish><04-12-2017 13:28:42.138+300><thread=10 (0xa)>

      Error - AutoPublish returned code 8:  Failed to publish all packages $$<AutoPublish><04-12-2017 13:28:42.146+300><thread=1 (0x1)>