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    Network Proxy and Scheduled Automatic Downloads: What did you do?

    danpalewis Rookie

      Good afternoon all!


      We've been having an ongoing situation with regards to scheduled automatic downloads not functioning due to the proxy. I have been working with Support however I wanted to come here in hopes to find someone in the same situation as ours. Presently, our Shavlik box is on one domain while our internet access is on another. We configured the credentials into Shavlik, and also the proxy through Internet Explorer. While in Shavlik if we attempt to download patches, this works fine; it's getting the proper proxy information and credentials and using them as intended, so this works great. The issue comes for the scheduled automatic downloads, which would be a great feature for our situation to get working for us.


      Unfortunately, as far back as I can tell (I inherited this issue), Shavlik has been unable to download any core engine update automatically. This means we have to manually initiate each patch download if we want to get anything. In checking the logs, it appears we get download errors or Proxy authentication required.


      What did you have to do in order to get this working? It appears that the Shavlik service does not get the proxy information from IE or Shavlik, so when we run a netstat -ano | find "PID of ST.ServiceHost" it initially tries to go straight out to the internet. We've manually edited ST.Protect.Config and ST.ServiceHost.Config to have the proxy information there, but there doesn't appear to be a place to manually enter credentials like you can in Shavlik, so this would always get blocked regardless.