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    Locally installed agents fail to download manifest. Won't scan

    Radiowiz Rookie

      We recently installed Shavlik Protect 9.2  I have since installed about 85 agents , at the local PCs'. We do not use the agentless process. On 65-70% of our machines, we see checkin results on the console and those agents when checked at the local PC  show current data on checkin, patch downloads, etc.  On e the failing agents, all I see is "No Patch Scan data available". In the system tab, I can see that it failed to download the manifest. All the PCs in our company use the same antivirus application, all use Domain policy (the same) and all machines are using the same agent policy. I have uninstalled the agent locally, from within the console, and also cleaned out the registry between installs. When I attempt to install from console I get an access denied error. We do not allow remote registry so that might explain that part, but why would 65-70% of PCs scan properly, but the rest fail? All are basically the same PCs, all local installs, all using the same credentials, all the same domain, same LAN. Does anyone have any ideas on this, or perhaps has seen this and conquered it?


      Any ideas gratefully accepted.



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          ddenning SupportEmployee



          Thank you for posting your question. Are you using a distribution server with your agents or are they getting their data from vendor over internet?


          If you are using a distribution server, then you need to make sure that the distribution server assigned in your agent policy is actually having data synced to it in Tools > Operations > Distribution Server. The agents would be retrieving the data from the distribution server and not the console.


          If you are using Vendor over Internet then you would need to check to make sure that your firewall is not blocking the manifest.





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            Radiowiz Rookie


            Sorry for the slow reply. I start work at 4am so by the time your response came in I was buttoning things up for the day.

            Currently we are going to the Internet. Probably go with the console server being the Distribution server in the near future instead, but for now Internet is what we are using. I don’t think it is a firewall issue as a lot of the PCs are having no problem communicating to the console, or getting updates. They all use the same proxy, same proxy credentials and same firewall rules. I found yesterday that if I removed the machine from the console, uninstalled the agent from the PC, cleaned the registry of all LandDesk/Shavlik entries, rebooted then reinstalled the agent locally, at least one PC regained communication and is now showing updates and patches missing. Some PCs did not succeed, even after doing all those steps. So some progress but unsure why 21 machine out of 80 or so did not seem to install properly. Still a mystery in progress.


            Thanks for the input.

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              Radiowiz Rookie

              Ass added information, after uninstalling the agent, removing the PC from the console, cleaning the registry, rebooting and reinsstallins as domain admin, I see the following when the agent registers.