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    Our Shavlik doesn't download certain patches from roll-up clients

    danpalewis Rookie

      Hey guys,


      Since I have taken this over I'm trying to understand the process of how this works.


      Our site: Client 1

      Remote Sites: Client 2


      I understand that Client 2 will initiate a scan on their end, get the results, and push the results to our site (Client 1). Client 1 is then responsible for importing their results, seeing that patches are missing, and then downloading said patches. We then have a script that runs that basically makes sure the patches go to where they're supposed to go so that the remote clients can access them.


      One of the things that we've been noticing is that some of the patches don't ever automatically download as I thought they would. For example:




      Q839643 (DirectX 8.0)

      Q839643 (DirectX 9.0b, interesting these are the same Q numbers)

      Bulletin ID APSB17-07


      Client 2 reported yesterday that it needed these patches. Client 1 sees the results, sees that the patches aren't downloaded, yet never downloaded the patches.


      How is this process supposed to work? Is Shavlik supposed to automatically download said patches like it does the other ones, or will we always have to intervene?

      If it is supposed to download automatically, how quickly is this process supposed to occur, from the import of the files to the downloading of the patches?


      Thanks for your assistance!