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    The future of Empower?

    ebunaj Rookie

      Now that Shavlik is Ivanti, what is the future for Empower + Shavlik Protect?  When clicking on products from the ivanti.com home page, I see no reference to Empower.  Will Empower continue to be a supported product in itself?

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          tuxOnWindows Rookie

          I have an open support case with this question & will post back what I find out. I did chat with an Ivanti sales associate online earlier who said Shavlik Protect would become "Patch for Endpoints" & Shavlik Empower will be replaced by "Heat Lumemsion".

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            ebunaj Rookie

            Thanks Tux...I'm looking forward on what you find out and updating us.

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              todd.schell SupportEmployee


              Hi ebunaj,

              Empower will be maintained as a complement to our Protect product for the near term.  While this does mean no new major features in its current implementation we do have long term plans for the Empower platform to integrate into a larger Ivanti Cloud solution that is underway.  More details on what Ivanti Cloud is will follow down the road.


              With regards to product naming, the Empower name will not change for now.  Shavlik Protect will be renamed Ivanti Patch for Servers, and HEAT Endpoint Management Security Suite  will be renamed Ivanti Endpoint Security.



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                tuxOnWindows Rookie

                Here's the answer's that I got from support:


                1) What will Shavlik Protect be called under Ivanti's name?






                Patch for Windows Servers


                2) What will Shavlik Empower be called under Ivanti's name?

                Currently we are not rebranding that product line until the cloud strategy has been planned and we are moving forward. For now it stays.

                3) Are there any other Ivanti products that will be bundled into the Ivanti versions of Protect & Empower free of charge?

                We do not know all the bundling strategies as of yet, I do know that we are moving forward more with XTraction. I am sure there will be a much wider product offering as we integrate capabilities and execute against our roadmap. I know we will offer cross platform support, integration with app control and other Ivanti security offerings. I am sure Interchange will a great event to see the benefits coming from the Security business and what we’ll have to offer our customers.